Oh, what a night…
“ROCK ME TONIGHT” NYE Black & Gold Affair was!!

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Just when you think you couldn’t improve on a night’s entertainment along come this NYE blockbuster! We had it all, excitement, drama, presence, colour & glamour. Ladies and Gentlemen, all who came out that evening contributed and witnessed a SUPERB night out, dancing and singing the night away. Everyone left happy and content reminiscing on the night they had.

The ballroom within the venue was transformed into a fabulous arena fitting for this historic Grade II listed building. We can safely disclose we probably had the largest mirror ball erected in Suffolk specially for this event which was the icing on the cake.

Arlington’s certainly did not disappoint as a venue and proved with the right concept could be a welcome addition to the town centre music scene. We had a high number of new comers who attended the night, which we love because they can now can tell their circle of friends what a great time they had.
Also, two-thirds brought their tickets on-line which suggests this is by far the easiest and most convenient way to buy tickets to our events. This would reduce cost of ticket design/manufacture/distribution, allowing more money to be spent on venue décor, welcome drinks, prizes etc!

As it should this will always be a team effort in creating an event and is very important that the relative people involved are rightly praised and credited for their part.

Firstly, the Reminisce Girls on the door, Sharon, Trisha & Jackie who greeted each one of you upon entry to our events, great job as per usual! Caroline and her staff at Arlington’s who welcome us with open arms allowing us to do US. Massive thanks from us all (unbeknown to myself off her own back Caroline provided sandwiches and party nibbles for the party revellers on the night to tuck into – WOW x). My music partner in crime Mr Paul Hobson (aka PH5) for his total involvement in this & past events. Having a DJ who, without any prompting /suggestion, helps promote and spread the word in a professional manner, refreshing and definitely almost unheard of, BIG thanks my friend!

Mandy from Déjà vu Boutique and her staff who regularly assist us as a ticket outlet, invaluable for people to obtain tickets and for ladies to find an outfit or accessory for an event at the same time. Mandy was also instrumental in selecting the x3 male & female best dressed finalists for the crowd to eventually vote their winner . . thank you for that gesture, as usual appreciate your contribution.

Colin Goodrich at Warrior Securities for providing his excellent door supervisors, thank you Sir, Both Andy’s at Laser & Eclipse for additional equipment and lighting enhancement, as always professional and efficient, thanks guys!

Pictures captured on the night all courtesy of Donna Reid of Konjo Photography, www.konjo.co.uk. Check out her fine work, pleasure working with you on this project and thanks.

Special mention must go out to Shirley Layne whose tireless efforts throughout in pulling people together, organising ticket drop offs and her positive contribution to our events, much appreciated Shirley, thanks!

Chris Woods our long-suffering flyer and website designer, who has been with us almost since we started Reminisce. Thanks for your continued support and availability, sometimes at short notice. Very much appreciated, thank you!

Last but not least thank you all those who attended and witness a great event to welcome in 2018.

Feel free to view images taken of the night and a short video of our “Candy” dance.

Due to the age of our data base we are inviting everyone to re-register their details. (People have moved home or changed their phone numbers but not necessarily informed us). Please to click on the Contact tab top right of the webpage – thank you.

Watch this space for exciting events planned for 2018!


Click for pictures taken on the night

What a night it was Saturday 14th October, “SOUL VIBRATIONS” was well and truly reverberating around the Inspire Suffolk function suite. Massive thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended to make this event so memorable. We have done many promotions over the many years and this one most possibly is right up there in our top five or six held! The stage setting, lighting and décor were spot on, sound set up was brilliant, venue had plenty of space to mill around with adequate seating for those to take a quick pew. Special thanks to Trevor & Dani at Inspire Suffolk for their continued support of what we are doing within the community, bringing people together in a friendly environment to meet, greet new & old acquaintances alike. We had three DJ’s on the night which is a little unusual for us but felt the combination of styles reflected well for the Soul Vibrations theme. Massive thanks go out to Ipswich’s DJ Shaun Curtis, sterling job as usual keeping the dancefloor rocking & hailing from Bury-St-Edmunds DJ Mick Logan who keep the show moving with some wicked music selections. Was such a pleasure and honour working with those professional guys!

As it’s become accustomed Well Done the girls on the door; you are the first stage of the REMINISCE welcoming experience. What people hear, see at this point sets the tone as people enter the venue. Thanks to the security staff from Warrior Securities, polite & discrete as ever (we even saw one of them dancing briefly, interacting with one of the revellers) which was great to witness! Give thanks where thanks are due to the David & his attentive bar staff for their support and service during the night. Special mention must go out to Ian from Prestige Bars & Catering who at the last minute provided hot dogs/beef burgers for our party-goers to enjoy, a thoughtful touch, thanks! First impressions are very important so with many new faces making an appearance Saturday it was very pleasing that many commented on the evening positively and made a point of saying how they had enjoyed the night and how friendly everyone was! That’s kind of how REMINISCE would like to be remembered long after its time has expired and gone.

When we started this music community it was at a time where very few places for the older, mature person to continue to enjoy the music they did when they were younger in a familiar environment which they could relax with like-minded individuals still sharing the same passion for music and dance. Now many other promotions are offering similar nights out which has diluted choices for people to make decisions on where they should go. REMINISCE have always been aware of its place and are in no competition with anyone, contrary to some belief! We believe we offer many attractive benefits in attending one of our events, two main ones being giving value for money and having the participants interest at heart. In the past on many of our events participants have had rum punch welcome drinks on arrival, best dressed competitions, prize raffle draws etc.

We also employ a roaming REMINISCE photographer for most events to capture priceless moments during the evening and are uploaded to our website for you to view at your leisure, all inclusive of a modest entrance fee. Saturday’s event further reinforced there is still a market for evening such as these provided you have continued improvement to enhance the experience and are willing to listen and take on-board your clientele’s feedback/suggestions wherever practical/possible. Our next event is our now infamous bi-annual New Year’s Eve Party, a classy Black & Gold themed Affair…

Until  the  next  time  thank  you  all  once  again  for  your  continued  support  -­‐  DJ  EZ-­‐T